I have been designing and painting murals since 2002. My experiences in mural painting began when I started working as an independent contractor with the Philadelphia Mural Arts Program. Through my career as a mural artist I have learned and discovered all of the proper materials and techniques that are used to create professional and long-lasting murals, including how to properly prepare a wall for painting and preventing water damage.

I believe my skills as a muralist lie in my abilities to adapt a painting style and subject matter to the desires of the community and the look of the space surrounding the wall. Styles and themes of my mural work have ranged from historical architectural re-creation, abstraction, narrative/ allegorical painting, and figurative and historical painting. Among my top goals as a muralist and public artist are to fulfill the needs and wishes of the surrounding community and the project committee. I am also highly motivated in having the mural function esthetically within its environment. When approaching new projects I have always tried to create murals designs that most inventively and uniquely explored the ideas and images I was asked represent. I have tried not to limit myself to any one particular style but rather approached new projects with an open mind. The impetus for my murals has always started from the communities’/ committees’ ideas and from the history of painting. This way each mural is unique and site-specific and adds to its distinctiveness. I am a painter by nature and my murals explore various painting styles, from photo-realism to figurative to allegorical painting.

What interests me about public art is what is naturally inherent in it: the ability to directly connect ideas and images to people who, for the most part, do not look at artwork with a specific agenda, as what might happen within a gallery setting. Over the course of my mural painting career I have met with many people and no matter what their degree of knowledge about art we manage to get into conversations about my mural, murals in the city and art in general. Sometimes I am able to impart technical knowledge about mural making that I have gained over the years or about the significance of the imagery that I am painting. Many times the mural that I am working on inspires people to recount stories and recollections. Public art and mural making also has the ability to transform a bland or dilapidated space into an area that can enliven a person’s day and create a sense of shared experiences.